The Highest Compliment For a Woman is “Oh! You’ve lost weight!” (Or Is It?) [Ep-92]

Hey mamas!

As women, one of our superpowers is to connect and relate to each other through the power of speech.

Today on the show I talk about how this superpower, used inappropriately (or even appropriately) can make someone feel small, unseen and insignificant and how we can turn this around simply by learning how to change our thinking and connect more with the heart.

At the end of the day, we all want to be seen and heard and show up in life more than just a body, per se.

It is absurd, in my opinion, that we see ourselves as a body when we are so much more than just a body. We’re a soul residing in a body, we all have dreams, hopes, aspirations, desires, and creativity. How would the world look like if we’ve seen people beyond their physicality or body?

Is commenting someone about her weight (whether she’s lost or gained weight) makes this world a better place? Are we lifting each other up or are we becoming shallower and more superficial as a society?

To help all of us rise more I have also shared a few scripts of really nice comments we can use instead. So next time you are in an awkward situation with a woman and you want to make her feel really good about herself, skip the small talk, skip talking about the weather and show her that you see her more than she sees herself.

As a mother who’s raising daughters, I’d like to teach my girls to see people for who they are and not just their body as well as them hearing the same compliments in return. I begin with myself.

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